Thoughts when exiting the heatwave

BRUSSELS. Sundays are often the days when you have time for reflections of what happened that week and you start to get ready for the week to come. I have been using this Sunday not only to reflect on the week but also to recover from the heat wave from the last couple of weeks. The feeling of sweaty uncomfortableness in your own apartment due to the heat is a clear sign that summer has fully arrived in Brussels. Past weeks I have also had the opportunity to sweat away in Sweden (midsummers) and Lisbon (UN Ocean Conference – even if the sweating was more due to me having a suite on). This Sunday summer weather are stabilizing more on a normal level (around 20C) even in my apartment where temperatures always goes up when the sun is up – insulation is good and all but it also means that it takes an extra 24h after temperatures outside returned to normal until one also can enjoy normal temperatures inside.

The time of enjoying air condition in the office and sweating as soon as you step outside is really upon us. I remember that one of the first summers in the city we got several weeks of temperatures over 30 degrees and several days as well over 40. You could barely exist outside but after a while, you got used to it and I guessed learned how to live with it.

I guess that it is something that we humans are really good at – adapting to new situations. It is usually more simple than trying to do something about it. Perhaps this is part of the difficulty we humans have with addressing many of the challenges we face today? For many of the challenges we all already know what we need to do and we can be really vocal about it – but when it comes to the actual change in our own day to day life it is not as easy anymore. We are all so busy that we are just trying to get by as well as we can and then stopping to consider bigger live style changes might just be too much. I guess that the trick is to realise that we do not just from one day to another need to completely change what we are doing – but by changing small things every other day we make the change manageable for ourselves.

So this is how I will try to do it. Small but many changes that hopefully together at the end of the day can bring about some bigger change and if not for everyone then at least for myself. So for this coming summer, when I will be adapting to temperatures above 30 I will try to find more things in my life I can do to make it better both for myself and for the environment.

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