Blue skies over Belgium

We are now well over a year in to the pandemic and almost equally as long into at least some sort of lock-down. True, last summer was a bit of a relief even if we still had to cope with restrictions in restaurants, shops and face masks on some public places. However, for most of the past year we have not been able to meet up with friends, go to work, visit a restaurant, travel or perhaps just be outside after 22h and not having to having to wear a facemask. I know one should not complain but after this year, I think we all have earned the right to at least complain a little bit.

We have now celebrated Easter two times under these conditions. Two times, without having the possibility to travel to meet ones close and loved ones. To be honest, I have never really been good at celebrating Easter. Not really had a lot of traditions to uphold but nevertheless family has more or less always been an important part so of course one misses them tremendously.

It is also very true that these times reveals that we have very nice friends and for me they have been my salvation this year. Thanks to my friends I got an Easter made up of nice walks in nature (outside of Brussels where one also can walk without a facemask) and food and drinks with friends (within limits of course). Completely without family, I was not, as we organized an Easter pancake brunch over video-chat. Besides that Easter this year delivered a years’ worth of Swedish weather as it started with sunshine and 25 degrees and ended with more or less snowstorm.

The start of 2021 has not been as many thought. True we were most probably too optimistic that 2021 should be more positive than 2020 but so far the restrictions has not eased as one had hoped. Spring was almost on its way in mid-March but a snowy Easter seems to have brought the arrival of spring to a bit of a halt, at least for some weeks. But today the sun was shining at least and temperatures almost got up to 10 degrees as we are soon half-way through April. It is said that May could be the month were restrictions are lifted, vaccinations really pick up and life can slowly return to some sort of normality. At least we can hope so while we this Sunday afternoon end the week with blue skies over Belgium.

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